10 Exercises For Explosive Gains

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For any gym goer, gaining size, or at least enhancing and defining specific muscles, is a huge part of the training experience and finding out which exercises you can do in order to benefit from from these gains in the least amount of time is an important piece of knowledge that many of us, myself included, trawl the internet for.

Over the years I have read hundreds of online articles about bodybuilding, not to mention the desperate pleas for help from sponsored athletes via twitter, and I believe that I have found 10 key exercises that are nothing short of awesome for reaching the muscle-gaining goals that I have set; in this blog post, I share them with you.

Zottman Curl Variation


Video to come...

Seated Calf Raise

Ab Roller

Tricep Pull Down

Lean-back Barbell Curl Super-setted with Lean-forward dumbbell curl

Barbell shrug

Lat Pull down

Seated Row

Dumbbell Bench Press

The key to benefiting from these exercises is to always maintain form, even if that means having a spot help you when pressing out or up and then controlling the movement down yourself. 

These are my personal favourite 10 exercises, I'm sure other people have preferences, but these have helped me to gain substantial size and strength during my workouts. I wouldn't advise doing these all in one workout, but built in with a number or carefully selected exercises that are focused towards the same muscle group and you will be sure to experience pumps that you have never felt before.

Let me know how you get on and please share your favourite exercises in the comments section.

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